You are welcome.

Whether Shalom welcomes you.

Shalom is a progressive, Anabaptist, Christian family of faith where you are welcome.

Whether we see you every Sunday, for a season, or on sweet rare occasions, you are welcome.

Whatever your identities, in age, race, abilities, sexual orientation, gender, immigration status, you are welcome.

You are welcome as member, worshipper, participant, observer, leader.

There are so many ways to be part of this community that no one can or should do them all.

You may roll through the doorway, dance up an aisle, slide quietly into a back seat, dive into fellowship, engage earnestly in meetings, feast at potluck, delight in learnings, or dig into work for immigration justice, peace and earth-care.

We invite you to find the niche that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

In warmer months 60-70 gather, in the cooler season double that gather to sing, pray and tell stories every Sunday.
A: We worship at 9:30 AM on Sundays. September through May second hour is a time of spiritual formation for children and adults. Nursery is available for young children during worship and second hour.
A: Wear what ever you are comfortable in. We are a relaxed congregation in a relaxed part of the country, so “come as you” are is a general rule.
A: “Shalom” is a Hebrew word and a Biblical aspiration. Shalom is a peace that includes well-being and right relationship. Shalom is an aspiration, a hope and a reality that we live into. We honor the Judaic roots of the Christian faith and seek to learn from both Hebrew and Greek testaments of scripture. “Fellowship” emphasizes our understanding of the church as a group of believers where hierarchy is countered and all have a voice.
A: Tasty, but no. A number of more conservative Mennonites who live in Chihuahua, Mexico have become known for their special brand of cheese that they produce. While we are the only organization in Tucson to claim the name Mennonite, we do not have any direct connection to the colony Mennonites of Mexico or their delectable dairy products. On the other hand, we do distribute Café Justo, a grower owned cooperative based in Chiapas and Agua Prieta, Mexico, formed to address poverty and migration due to need.
A: Other parts of the family of Mennonite churches use horses and buggies as their primary transportation. For us, we ride bikes or drive cars of many colors, makes, and models, each as our own conscience directs.

Q: Do women need to wear head coverings? Do men need to wear beards?

A: No. Portions of the Mennonite family do retain expectations as to dress. We, however, have decided that this will not be a primary expression of our faith. There are no expectations or judgments as a congregation as to what that must look like. Most people dress and groom casually and comfortably every day, Sunday included.

A: Community is an important value for Shalom, but, other than the MVS household, we are not a community that pools income or lives together. We do work hard on supporting each other and walking with each other in all of life.