Shalom is blessed with smaller groupings that gather for mutual support, furthering God’s work in the world, learning, fellowship, fun …

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    Wayfarers meets monthly to share, pray and discuss critical questions and contemporary issues. We enjoy fun and fellowship, and welcome others join. Email for more info!

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    Creation Care

    Creation Care meets monthly for mutual encouragement, learning and grounding our creation care in the Spirit. We also organize or join a creation care activity monthly (e.g. community garden work day, hike in the mountains, climate change related event…). You are welcome to join. Email for more info!

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    Letter Writing to Detained Immigrants

    As part of the congregation’s commitment to immigration justice, we gather to write letters to people who are detained in Eloy, a nearby immigration Detention Center. You are welcome to take up a pen with us. Email for more info!

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    Ultimate Frisbee

    Ultimate Frisbee games are early Sunday afternoons about once a month. You are welcome to join the vigorous play. All ages. Email for more info!

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    Women's Book Club

    Women’s Book Club gathers occasionally to discuss a book or movie. Women welcome. Email for more info!

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    SOOP (Service opportunities for families and adults of all ages)

    SOOP volunteers meet Thursday evenings for Bible Study and Sunday evenings for fellowship from January through March. Email for more info!

There are smaller groupings of Shalom folk who get together for a variety of aims including mutual support, fellowship, table games, spiritual friendship, chatting with hot beverages in mugs.

What grouping would support you to live your most healthy, faith-filled, engaged life? We are always open to new groups forming.

Please contact Carol Rose at for more information about a small group.