Sunday school classes

Shalom is an intergenerational community. Children are a welcome focus at Shalom. We have as much to learn from our children as we have to teach them about life.



The nursery is staffed weekly with a regular staff person for younger children who need more movement during the service.

Babies are also very welcome, with accommodations for nursing and cribs provided.


Sunday school

We offer classes for children from pre-school to high school. Our classes meet at 11 AM following the worship service, from September through May.

We have three classes:

  • Primary and Intermediate:  Pre-school to Grade 3
  • Junior Youth: Grades 4 to 8
  • Youth: Grades 9 to 12

Our Primary and Intermediate Class includes Bible stories, hands-on crafts, singing and snacks. It is taught by an experienced children’s education teacher.

Our Junior Youth Class is taught on a rotating basis by a team of young adults who work in social service and professional jobs in the community, including our Mennonite Voluntary Service volunteers. These teachers make wonderful role models. They share not only truths to live by found in our Scriptures, but they also share how their faith guides their everyday work, which is work helping people in our wider city community.

In addition, various social activities for each class are scheduled. To encourage each Sunday school participant, our pastor takes each student out for ice cream on his or her birthday.

Ethical Treatment of Children: Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse

Shalom Mennonite Fellowship recognizes that child sexual abuse is a serious problem in today’s world. Sexual abuse can be physical, verbal, or non-verbal, including unwanted touching, comments about a person’s body or offensive gestures. The abuser may be an adult, an adolescent, or another child (provided the child is four years older than the victim.) For the safeguarding of our children and our volunteers we will work at preventing child sexual abuse through the procedures contained in this document.

Click here for a PDF of the document: Child Protection and Abuse Response Policy 2017