Questions about congregational life, or interest in joining a small group? Asking one of our pastors, elders or deacons can be a great place to start.


  • Our Elders are called to guide and lead the congregation in vision, mission and spiritual matters. Each elder is devoted to one dimension of the interdependent congregational life. If you have a congregational life concern, please get in touch with one of our pastors or elders.

    Anna Groff (Administration)
    Carrie Nelson (Mission)
    Harold Kauffman (Community)
    Barry Hieb (Worship)

  • Our Deacons are called to serve those who participate in our congregational life together, caring for the pastoral care needs. If you have a need of any sort, interest in becoming a member, interest in joining a small group, or any other issues or concerns, please contact one of the deacons or pastors:

    Fern Hieb
    Duane Ediger
    Jerry Short