We are an energetic, urban congregation committed to service focusing on worship, social justice, immigration justice and radical welcome.

An open and affirming church, we welcoming family in all its forms.  We treasure children and seek to create safe joy filled ways for them to join in.

Scroll down to see some of the expressions of our ministry that touches the wider world.

Our joyous actions towards justice

Ministries of Mercy, Economic & Social Justice

Provide support for: Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona
Service Opportunities for Older Persons (SOOP)

Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS)

Shalom distributes Café Justo, a grower owned cooperative based in Chiapas and Agua Prieta, Mexico, formed to address poverty and migration due to need.
Interfaith Community Services.

Migrant Justice and Care

Advocating for migrant justice through the New Sanctuary Movement, Stand with Rosa, Migrant Trail and other campaigns.

Creation Care

Advocacy against environmental racism in partnership with native peoples.
Education about desert plants & precious water.
Outdoor activities including yearly camp out and hikes.
Creation Care small group.

Transforming Oppressions into Right Relations

Sister Church relationship with Bogota, Colombia.Anti-racist reflection and action.Open and affirming congregational life.Advocating LGBTQ justice in the wider Church.
Member of Supportive Communities Network of the Brethren and Mennonite Council for LGBTQ Issues.