Shalom Mennonite Fellowship serves as a body whose purpose is to serve, and to support those who wish to serve.

Many of us in the congregation understand our vocation not simply as work-a-day jobs, but as an extension of the call to be about the work of Christ, with the help and support of the congregation.

We take on projects together and individually, serving our community, our city, and our world, building peace, providing shelter, feeding hungry people.

We are also members of the Interfaith Community Services (ICS). ICS works to compassionately serve the needs of Pima County seniors, individuals with disabilities and people In financial crisis.

Ministries of Mercy, Economic & Social Justice


Service Opportunities for Older People

Service Opportunities of Older People (SOOP) provides service opportunities for families and adults of all ages, provides short-term service opportunities in the Tucson metropolitan area.

Each year approximately 20 individuals come from all over the U.S. and Canada to spend 2-8 weeks in the Tucson area, serving the community while also enjoying the Desert Southwest.

Most bring RVs which they park in the designated spaces south of the church, or stay in other housing as available. These persons also often bring their spiritual gifts that they share with the Shalom congregation and with each other.


Mennonite Voluntary Service Tucson Unit

Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) is a national program for those who hear the call to serve their world in deliberate ways.

With units around the country, MVSers offer a year of their lives to come and live in intentional community, and serve in the Tucson community.

There are a wide range of service opportunities in Tucson ranging from home repair to feeding the poor, to offering opportunities to experience the arts in local schools, to name a few.

For many people, MVS is a life changing experience. It is not uncommon for MVSers to stay within the Tucson community long term.


Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona

Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona (CHRPA, pronounced Chirp-Ah) began life with winter volunteers who saw a need in the Tucson community for affordable and no-cost home repair services.

CHRPA’s mission is to provide adequate housing to all, and the dignity and safety that accompany it.

CHRPA has grown into a year round organization, serving hundreds of families around Pima County with emergency home repair.

Relying strongly on volunteer labor, CHRPA has often been recognized widely for its ability to serve efficiently and compassionately.

Organizations in which our members are involved

Some of the other ministries and organization Shalom members are involved in: