How many questions did Jesus ask? 25? 100? 150? To be precise, Jesus asked 307 questions in the Gospels. He is asked 183, but only answers 3. Contrary to what we might assume, Jesus is not the ultimate Answer Man. Instead he is more the Great Questioner. Jesus asks far more questions than he answers and asking questions was central to Jesus’ life and teachings.

The following list of 120 questions is not exhaustive, but an extensive collection of interrogations still demanding a thoughtful response from follower of Jesus—us!

The title for our Shalom Summer Series is “Jesus asks Shalomites …”  

Each summer we look forward to hearing Sunday morning stories/messages/sermons from one another as we deepen our community life during the summer months. This season is a time to hear from one another about God’s work in our lives. This June and July summer with the frame of sharing the connections to the speaker’s/story teller’s selected Jesus’ question.

Whether it would be a first time for you, or something you’ve done before, please consider being our morning speaker one of these summer Sundays. Typically, the messages are 15 to 20 minutes in length. You will enjoy an appreciative and responsive congregation listening to you!

Please participate by looking at this list of Jesus’ questions. It will also be posted at the back of the church:

  1. Choose a question that resonates with you.
  2. Look at that story or text in the Bible.
  3. Sign up for one of the June or July Sundays (on the sign-up sheet).
  4. Share connections from your own life during that summer worship service that relates to that question.

We invite everyone at Shalom to put your name beside the question on the poster in the back of the church that resonates with you, even if you are not choosing to be a Sunday speaker! It is OK for more than one person to sign on any question.

In addition, please indicate if you want to speak on the sign up sheet, or by sending an email to or a call 717.606.6853. See a member of the worship commission if you have more questions.